Social Hour

*Available Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

Please note that our menus change frequently; the offerings in-house may be slightly different.







beemster xo gouda, cow, firm, holland

smokey blue, cow, soft, rogue creamery, or

colorouge, cow, soft, mouco cheese, co

devils gulch, cow, soft, cowgirl creamery, ca

bermuda triangle, goat soft, cypress grove, ca


salumi smoked paprika, wa

la quercia prosciutto americano, ia.

angels duck prosciutto, ca

salumi smoked paprika, wa.

salumi coppa, wa

combination of cheese or charcuterie
choice of three – 15; five – 25.


steak tartar    14
capers, gooseberries, shallots, chives, radish, olive oil, sea salt, petite hearts on fire, quail egg, goat cheese crackers

grilled fish tacos    10
grilled pacific rock fish, black garlic tortilla, avocado, creme fraiche, pistachio, radish, cilantro

duck confit toast    8
ginger creme fraiche, dried tomatoes, frisee, pickled shallots

albacore toast    9
seared albacore, radish, scallion, shiso, daikon sprouts, togarashi aioli

juliette burger    12
tomato jam, grilled balsamic onions, aged cheddar, pancetta, little gem lettuce, radicchio, mustard aioli

romeo burger    12
red onion, baby arugula, smokey blue cheese, lemon garlic aioli

french fries    5
harissa aïoli, house made ketchup

house salad    10
pears, little gem, endive, pistachios, pickled shallots, chives, smokey blue cheese