Please note that our menus change frequently; the offerings in-house may be slightly different.



roasted cauliflower  12  

togarashi cashews, pickled raisins, thai basil, mint, cilantro, curry vinaigrette

farro risotto  14   

dried baby tomatoes, english peas, radicchio, pancetta, parmesan cheese, herbs, olive oil

steak tartar  18   

capers, gooseberries, shallots, chives, radish, olive oil,.sea salt, petite hearts on fire, quail egg, goat cheese crackers

butternut squash soup    10

nutmeg creme fraiche, roasted pepitas, chives

french fries    6

house made ketchup, harissa aioli


cheese and charcuterie board    20

l’amuse signature gouda, bermuda triangle goat, salumi hot sopressata, grilled baguette, marinated olives, spiced almonds, pear jam, raisins on the vine



house salad  11  

pears, little gem, endive, pistachios, pickled shallots, chives, smokey blue cheese vinaigrette

kale salad    13

cucumber, baby tomatoes, pine nuts, capers, fennel vinaigrette, pecorino

chopped chicken salad   15  

radicchio, frisee, little gem lettuce, red onion, pancetta, avocado, baby tomatoes, cucumber, roasted sweet corn, cashews, garlic herb vinaigrette

smoked trout    15

arugula, frisee, pickled red onions, dried tart cherries, baby heirloom tomatoes, honey lime vinaigrette.

roasted beets  13 

frisee, pickled sultanas, pistachio brioche crumble, goat cheese,  cumin dried onion vinaigrette, fresh thyme

albacore tataki  14 

radish, daikon sprouts, sweet onion, shaved cabbage, shiso leaves, pickled ginger, sesame vinaigrette.



grilled hanger steak    28

togarashi, potato confit, braised kohlrabi, grilled spring onion, pickled ramps, kaffir lime veal reduction

grilled swordfish    23

potato confit, dried baby heirloom tomatoes, braised fennel, petite hearts on fire, black garlic vinaigrette.



roasted turkey    13

pancetta, provolone, oven dried tomatoes, little gem lettuce, radicchio, avocado, red onion, mustard aioli, francese bread

corned beef    13

shaved sweet onion, gruyere, arugula, thousand island, francese bread

roasted pork belly    13

pickled carrots, radish, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro, yuzu kosho aioli, ginger gastrique, francese bread.

cold fried chicken    13

sambal aioli, pickles, little gem lettuce, francese bread

juliette burger    14

tomato jam, grilled balsamic onions, aged cheddar, pancetta, little gem lettuce, radicchio, mustard aioli, portuguese roll

romeo burger  14  

red onion, baby arugula, smokey blue cheese, lemon garlic aioli, portuguese roll



salted caramel pot de crème    9

brown butter caramel, sweet pickled sultanas, mascarpone cream, milk crumble, chocolate almond biscotti

chocolate terrine  9

persimmon compote, mascarpone cream, chocolate almond streusel

single scoop    4

ice cream or sorbet in seasonal flavors, chocolate almond biscotti